200 Unique Aquarius Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Kumbh Rashi Names

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy and looking for the perfect name? If you or your baby will be born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, then we have a list of 200 unique and meaningful names for boys and girls. Aquarius babies are known for their independent and inventive personalities, and these names reflect those qualities beautifully.

For boys, some of the top choices include names like Shrithik, meaning “person with a beautiful heart”, Saisha, meaning “meaningful life”, and Sharav, meaning “fragrance”. Other popular options include Shrihan, Saanvi, and Sanvi, all of which have beautiful meanings and sound elegant.

For girls, the list is just as impressive. Names like Shreyas, meaning “beauty”, Siyona, meaning “a blessing from God”, and Sutirth, meaning “holy place”, all evoke a sense of grace and elegance. Other popular choices include Saneesh, Shivani, and Shanaya.

Whether you’re looking for a name that represents the early blooming of a lotus or a name that signifies compassion and kindness, this list has it all. From traditional names like Shalini and Sumaira to more unique options like Gorma and Gagan, there’s something for every parent’s taste.

Choosing the perfect name for your little one is an important decision, and we hope this list helps you find a name that feels just right. Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects the Aquarius sign or simply a name that has a beautiful meaning, you’re sure to find it here. So go ahead and explore the list – we’re confident you’ll find the perfect name for your little Aquarius boy or girl!

Meaningful Names for Aquarius Boys

If you are looking for unique and meaningful names for an Aquarius boy, you have come to the right place. Aquarius is an air sign and symbolized by the Water-Bearer. Aquarius boys are known for their independent and free-spirited nature. They are often compassionate and have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. We have compiled a list of 200 Aquarius names for boys, and here are some of the most meaningful ones:

  1. Sandeep: This name means “light” or “lamp” and symbolizes the guiding light that Aquarius boys are.
  2. Shivank: Meaning “one who is blessed by Lord Shiva,” this name represents the spiritual nature often found in Aquarius boys.
  3. Shuban: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “well-behaved,” this name reflects the disciplined and polite nature of Aquarius boys.
  4. Satyam: Meaning “truth” or “honesty,” this name signifies the integrity and righteousness that Aquarius boys value.
  5. Garvit: This name means “pride” and represents the confidence and self-assuredness that Aquarius boys possess.
  6. Shaunak: Derived from an ancient sage’s name, Shaunak signifies wisdom and knowledge, traits often seen in Aquarius boys.
  7. Shivansh: Meaning “part of Lord Shiva,” this name symbolizes the connection Aquarius boys may feel with spirituality.
  8. Samarvir: Combining the words “warrior” and “victorious,” this name represents the strength and determination of Aquarius boys.
  9. Sumantu: Meaning “a wise counselor,” this name signifies the intellect and analytical skills that Aquarius boys possess.
  10. Gajalakshmi: This name, which means “the one who is as beautiful as a lotus,” symbolizes the uniqueness and grace of Aquarius boys.

These are just some of the meaningful names for Aquarius boys that we have in our list. Each name carries its own significance, and you can choose the one that resonates with you and your little Water-Bearer. Remember, naming your child is a personal decision, and it should reflect your values and aspirations for them.

Unisex Names for Aquarius Babies

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful unisex name for your Aquarius baby, you’ve come to the right place. Aquarius is an air sign known for their independent and progressive nature. They are often associated with qualities like creativity, intellect, and humanitarianism. Here are some unisex names that perfectly suit your Aquarian child:

Name Meaning
Swarit Melodious
Shloka Verse
Saarth Meaningful
Melodious Pleasant to hear
Gaurik Lord Ganesh’s wife
Stuti Praise
Shaurya Bravery
Shachi The wife of Lord Indra
Gajalakshmi A form of Goddess Lakshmi
Shreenika Goddess Lakshmi
Personalities A person’s character or traits
Somit Friend
Saharsh With joy
Satish Ruler of hundreds
Relationship The way in which two or more people are connected
Shubhika Auspicious
Sachit Consciousness
Sharvi Divine
Sharav Shiva
Siddharth One who has attained enlightenment
Kumbha Aquarius
Samarth Capable
Shinoy Lovable
Saransh Summary
Names Words used to identify a person or thing
Shrestha Best
Samyak Right
Sriya Prosperity
You’re Short for “you are”
Signs Indications
Sujan Well-disciplined
Shresht The best
Sumantu Good mind
Shreyansh Superior
Guneet One with good qualities
Gautham Significant and noble
White The color of purity and innocence
Warm Pleasant and friendly
The Used to point forward to a following qualifying or defining clause or phrase
Saish Good luck
Aquarian Related to Aquarius
Gahan Depth
Wealth Abundance of valuable possessions
Aquarius The eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac
Fame Widespread recognition and reputation
Pick Select
Your Belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing
Or Used to link alternatives
Samanvita One who is understood by everyone
Ghasna Aquarius
Sathvik Pure
Sourish Lord Indra
Gunav Good quality
Saisha April
Gautami One of the seven sacred rivers in Hinduism
Satya Truth
Shaista Well-behaved
Word A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing
Sugirtha Scared, divine
Infographic A visual representation of information or data
90 Ninety
62 Sixty-two

Trendy Names for Aquarius Girls

If you’re looking for unique and trendy names for your Aquarius girl, here are some options to consider:

1. Shriyansriyan: This name is a combination of two names, Shriyan and Shriya. It has a modern and stylish ring to it.

2. Ganishkha: Meaning “wreath of thorns,” this name has a unique and edgy feel to it.

3. Samved: Deriving from the Sanskrit word for “holy scripture,” this name exudes a sense of wisdom and spirituality.

4. Shweta: This popular Indian name means “white” and signifies purity and innocence.

5. Simran: Meaning “remembrance” or “meditation,” this name has a spiritual connotation.

6. Srijith: Derived from the Sanskrit words for “creation” and “victory,” this name symbolizes the triumph of creativity.

7. Shrutika: This unique name means “one who is well versed in the Vedas,” representing knowledge and wisdom.

8. Sharvesh: Meaning “Lord Shiva,” this name carries a sense of divine power and masculinity.

9. Sathvik: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “pure” or “virtuous,” this name represents moral and ethical values.

10. Gannika: This name is inspired by the word “ganika,” which means “performer” or “dancer,” highlighting artistic qualities.

11. Suravi: Meaning “sun” or “divine,” this name signifies radiance and positivity.

12. Shivesh/Shivish: These names are variations of “Shiva” and represent the masculine energy of Lord Shiva.

13. Shresht: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “the best” or “excellent,” this name represents exceptional qualities.

14. Aria: This name is of Italian origin and means “air” or “melody,” representing a free-spirited and musical nature.

15. Spruha: Meaning “desire” or “longing,” this name symbolizes passion and ambition.

16. Gahan: This name means “deep” or “profound,” signifying a person with a thoughtful and introspective nature.

17. Sarth: Meaning “charioteer” or “companion,” this name represents someone who guides and supports.

18. Sameer: Derived from the Arabic word for “wind,” this name signifies a gentle and breezy personality.

19. Shivanshi: Combining the names Shiva and Anshi, this name represents the divine and auspicious qualities of Lord Shiva.

20. Swati: This Indian name means “first drop of rain” and signifies freshness and renewal.

These names embody a mix of traditional and modern influences and will make your Aquarius girl stand out from the crowd.

Astrological Names for Aquarius Boys

Are you searching for the perfect name for your little Aquarius boy? Look no further! Here is a list of unique and meaningful names that are associated with the Aquarius zodiac sign.

1. Sravani

Meaning: Full of life

2. Samarth

Meaning: Efficient

3. Skanda

Meaning: One who is praised

Boys born under the sign of Aquarius tend to have a cheerful and optimistic personality. They are often curious and have a natural love for learning new things. Here are some more astrologically inspired names for Aquarius boys:

4. Spruha – Meaning: Wish

5. Gaurav – Meaning: Pride

6. Svanik – Meaning: Melodious

7. Gaurang – Meaning: Fair-skinned

8. Sutirth – Meaning: Holy place

9. Svara – Meaning: Melody

10. Sujan – Meaning: Wise

11. Griva – Meaning: Neck

12. Shaivi – Meaning: Prosperous

13. Satya – Meaning: Truthful

14. Sadhana – Meaning: Meditation

15. Sinan – Meaning: Spearhead

16. Simran – Meaning: Remembrance

17. Sudiksha – Meaning: Good sight

18. Somit – Meaning: Charming

19. Shivatmika – Meaning: Soul of Shiva

20. Sravya – Meaning: Famous

21. Garvik – Meaning: Proud

22. Shivansh – Meaning: Part of Lord Shiva

23. Samriddhi – Meaning: Prosperity

24. Suraj – Meaning: Sun

25. Sahil – Meaning: Guide

26. Shrestha – Meaning: Best

27. Sajith – Meaning: Victorious

28. Shatakshi – Meaning: One who has a hundred eyes

29. Sanchit – Meaning: Collected

30. Sarth – Meaning: Purposeful

31. Siddhiksha – Meaning: Fulfillment of desires

32. Sanjay – Meaning: Victory

33. Gajalakshmi – Meaning: Goddess of wealth

34. Shashvata – Meaning: Eternal

35. Sumit – Meaning: Well-mannered

36. Shrihan – Meaning: Beautiful

37. Girvan – Meaning: Language of Vedas

38. Grahati – Meaning: Planet

39. Stuti – Meaning: Praise

40. Sameer – Meaning: Breeze

41. Saarth – Meaning: Essence

42. Shrihan – Meaning: Prosperous

43. Shivansh – Meaning: Lord Shiva

These names are not only unique but also have meaningful associations with the Aquarius zodiac sign. Choose a name that resonates with you and your little one’s personality!

Modern Names for Aquarius Girls

When it comes to choosing a unique and modern name for your Aquarius girl, there are plenty of options to explore. Aquarius girls are known to be independent, intelligent, and free-spirited. Here is a list of modern names that reflect these qualities:

Name Meaning
Shubhika Auspicious
Gaurangi Fair complexioned
Sugirtha Blessing
Sinan An extraordinary person
Gian Knowledge
Ganishkha Goddess of knowledge
Shrithik Lord of wealth
Samarvir Brave warrior
Shidh Enlightened
Shresht Superior
Swati First drop of rain
Gaganadipika Lamp of the sky
Shruti Knowledge of the Vedas
Swarit Into the music
Gagan Heaven
Sagarika Wave
Shrihan Epic hero
Gitika Small song
Saransh Summary
Samira Breeze
Shristi Creativity
Shambhavi Goddess Parvati
Sparsha Touch
Samanvita One who is praised
Skanda Warrior
Sharvesh Lord Shiva
Sutirth Holy place
Soham I am that
Shashank Moon
Sravya Famous
Shaivya Beautiful goddess
Shweta White
Samantha Listener
Grahati Astrologer
Samriddhi Prosperity
Srihitha The blessed one
Sravani Beautiful voice
Sharvil Source of courage
Shivani Goddess Parvati
Sachit Consciousness
Suraj Sun
Aquarian Of or relating to Aquarius
Shriyansh Lucky
Sriyan Goddess Lakshmi
Saish Lord Sai
Shivanshi Part of Lord Shiva
Svara Musical note
Long Dragon
Gorgeous Beautiful
Swaransh Summary of tones

These names not only reflect the modern times but also resonate with the characteristics of an Aquarius girl. Choose a name that speaks to you and brings out the uniqueness of your little one!

Unique Names for Aquarius Boys

Here is a collection of unique and meaningful names for Aquarius boys:

1. Svara: It means “sound” or “musical note” in Sanskrit. This name represents the creative and expressive nature of Aquarius boys.

2. Suhanth: A name that signifies “goodness” or “virtue.” Aquarius boys with this name are believed to have a compassionate and kind-hearted nature.

3. Gitisha: This name combines the Sanskrit words “git” meaning “song” and “isha” meaning “lord.” It symbolizes the artistic and spiritual inclinations of Aquarius boys.

4. Gaurangi: A poetic name meaning “beautifully colored.” Aquarius boys with this name are often associated with a unique and vibrant personality.

5. Suraj: This popular Hindi name means “sun.” It represents the bright and optimistic nature of Aquarius boys.

6. Samriddhi: A name derived from Sanskrit, meaning “prosperity” or “abundance.” Aquarius boys with this name are believed to have a knack for success.

7. Swapnil: It means “dreamy” or “illusory” in Sanskrit. Aquarius boys with this name are often known for their imaginative and visionary nature.

8. Shaivi: A unique name that translates to “religious” or “sacred.” It represents the spiritual inclination of Aquarius boys.

9. Shuban: This name is derived from the Sanskrit word “shubh,” meaning “auspicious” or “blessed.” Aquarius boys with this name are believed to bring good fortune.

10. Gaurish: A name derived from Sanskrit, meaning “lord of gold.” It represents the royal and regal qualities of Aquarius boys.

Note: The numbers mentioned before each name are for reference purposes only and do not signify any ranking.

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